The bull is delayed

fmh bullFor this year's fundraising activity (see newsletter no 6) we once again organised a raffle selling. The tickets were sold in the weeks before the fundraising day where we drew the winners. They were then invited to pick up their prizes a couple of days later.

Living solidarity

Dier friends

My partner organizations, St. Martin CSA and L’Arche Kenya, both base their work on solidarity in society. This solidarity is to be awakened and increased, also because the governmental social security system is not as well developed as in Europe. Often people, who could profit from the existing governmental structures don't know about them. Here, the solidarity in society, the aid among neighbours, can step in and fill the gap.

How do papayas grow?

KabarnetWe recently went on a road trip to the Rift Valley. The views are spectacular and there is plenty of culinary entertainment along the route: I learned what a papaya tree looks like.

Newsletter No 5, June 2021


Listening to Nyahururu

Dear friends,

For once I am reporting in a slightly different way: by means of a sound recording. Below you can find the acoustic story of a typical Sunday here in Nyahururu. The recordings were all taken directly in front of my house over several Sundays and then put together. On the following pages, you will find a short description of the events as well as time codes for some sounds, which often stand for short stories within the recording. I recommend using good headphones or earphones, as the recordings were made with a special microphone that preserves the spatiality of the sounds.

Garden customs

Garten 1Everyone here in Nyahururu seems to be interested in gardening. Many grew up on a farm and have a vegetable garden. Some have a piece of land somewhere that they cultivate as an additional income. As a result, my garden is often inspected when colleagues are visiting. And in doing so, different customs become visible.

On Mondays I am a tourist

montag"Mister, where are you going? Nairobi? Maralal?" - "Hey John, you need a lift to Thomson Falls? Only 200 Shillings!" This and the like I hear when I walk through the town on Mondays.

How do I sell a braded bread in Nyahururu?

marleen bakery1It had been planned for a long time, last Wednesday I finally stood for a day in the bakery of  L'Arche Kenya and demonstrated Ann and Maggy some of my favorite bakeries. We made pizza, apple pie, far breton, sablé and butter plait.

Coq-au-vin to end the year

cog au vinShortly before the year ends, the department for communication and relations gathers for a team-building event. We meet in the garden of my little house and prepare lunch together. My contribution to the buffet is coq-au-vin.

Tomatoes from the Chief

tomatenRecently, I could take part in a field trip to attend a discussion round among youth on the topic of gender-based violence. The local chief was very supportive of our activity and offered us to stop by his tomato field and pick some up for ourselves. 


ErdbeerenThe neighbourhood children come to visit me on Sunday. They ask if the strawberries are ripe. I don't know, so we go and check together.