Wet feed guaranted

el ninoEl Niño is announced this year. This means that instead of the short rainy season before the hot Christmas holidays, the rains are longer and, above all, heavier. The road in front of the gate to my compound has its problems with this.

South-America in East-Africa

salsaMalindi is - or was until the Covid lockdown - a tourist destination. The cultural scene is geared towards this: There are several clubs and a cinema that is currently being revived by a young local art scene.

A second chance

Newsletter no 7, July 2023

Four years ago, Duncan had had to drop out of secondary school because his family lacked the money to pay the school fees. Now 22 years old, he was still determined to go back to school and get his degree. He worked as a handyman on construction sites and later as a night watchman. With these jobs, Duncan managed to save twelve thousand shillings (about 80 CHF), which he used to re-enter school.

My office in the wardrobe

schrankAt first glance, my office seems a little strange. Recently I have learned that it was not built as an office.

Enjoying Tuktuks

apeI often take a tuktuk to get home from the office. Whenever I sit in one, I start to grin.

Broomsticks need quality too

besenstielBarely three months in my new home place, I have already broken my first broomstick. That would be the fifth in my time in Kenya.

My shared pets

vogelNot only do I live behind a barn, my neighbours have various pets that sometimes show up at my house. But they have to share my garden with the wild animals.

The milk-bike

milchIt is part of the organizational culture at St. Martin that there is a tea break at 9h30 where the traditional Kanyan Chai is served, the milk for it is delivered by a motorcycle courier.

Hard nut

macadaniaRecently there were Macadamia nuts for sale at the market. They are a bit expensive but local. Then the cracking started.

Wrong direction

strandEver lain on the beach, fresh coconut milk in your hand, the sun is setting - but the cardinal directions did not add up?