On Mondays I am a tourist

montagWhy? Because I look like a tourist on Mondays. St. Martin CSA works on Saturdays because that's when the many volunteers have time. Therefore, Mondays are off. So I've gotten into the habit of going to get my groceries on Monday. There aren't as many people there as there are on the weekend. I use my large backpack for this, which is usually quite full after the supermarket and the open vegetable and fruit market. Which makes me look like a backpack tourist who has just arrived. And since I have to cross the bus station on my way home, the various offers come from the drivers trying to get their minibusses full. Or the motorcycle taxis try to get a passenger by promoting the local attractions. The correct tariff to the Thompon Falls is by the way 50 Shillings, as for everywhere within the town. The falls can also be reached in 15 minutes on foot. And John is a common form of addressing any European male, a legacy of British colonial times.