Garden customs

IGarten 1t's not about the fennel I brought with me, a vegetable that is largely unknown here, or my little irrigation machines made from PET bottles. It's more about how visitors move around the garden. Following the example of my mother, I have laid paths between my beds and covered them with chopped twigs. Only, nobody seems to be using them. People walk across the beds, always very carefully around the seedlings. And when I have freshly sown a patch and I point it out to my visitors they step aside immediately. Maybe I need to mark the paths more clearly?

The large rosemary bush (which was already here when I moved in) is widely admired. And people also like to help themselves and take some twigs with them. Fresh rosemary is always better than dried one and not always available on the market. Only they never ask whether it is ok to break off a few twigs. Not that I mind, the rosemary is big enough and, as I said, it was there before me. Is it the exaggerated Swiss politeness that awaits a question here?

Garten 2