My shared pets

ibis   First of all, there is the pair of ibis. I often encounter them when I come home for lunch, pacing my lawn together but at a distance, looking for edibles. They seem to have their roosting tree behind the house and start the new day noisily each morning. There is an audio example to be heard in my sound piece, incorrectly identified as Guinea Fowls (thanks, Kristin, for the correction). 
vogel  Then there is that little bird that visits me frequently. He comes hopping in when I'm sitting in front of the house. And when he's sure I'm sitting comfortably, he sneaks into the house and searches for crumbs in the kitchen. After a minute or two, he comes flying back out with a big flutter. Sometimes we meet in the middle of the living room, so far without collisions. And when I have my back door open, he likes to fly tunnels: in the back and out through the front, then right back over the house and through the tunnel again.
 hund The neighbour's dog recently had offspring. The two puppies make a huge fuss and probably give the mother quite a bit to do. Lately, I find her sometimes resting on my lawn in the sun or sitting out the rain under my porch roof. The young ones haven't figured out how to get through the fence yet. They would have to do a bit of climbing to do so, as the lowest 50cm of the fence is sealed with mesh wire so the chickens can't get through. 

And finally, there are a number of cats, but I don't know where they belong to exactly. They are smaller and more delicately built than the European ones. And so shy that I could not take a picture yet.




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