In a nutshell


Ausreisegrupe 2018In October 2018, I am travelling to Nyahururu in Kenya with Comundo, where I support the St. Martin Catholic Social Apostolate and l'Arche Kenya in communication for three years. On this website, I'll report about who or what I meet, what I notice and what I learn from it. These pages should also serve as a hub for my network group.

What is Comundo?

Comundo is one of the leading Swiss organizations in the field of personnel development cooperation (PDC). It sends professionals to Africa, Asia and South America, where they work directly in local organizations. COMUNDO is committed to more social justice and selects its local partner organizations accordingly. These then decide what kind of specialist can be to the best use to them.

What do St. Martin CSA and L'Arche Kenya do?

St. Martin CSA is a so-called faith-based non-profit organization that works for socially disadvantaged and marginalised groups. St. Martin takes care of orphans around Nyahururu, mentally and physically handicapped people, and victims of violence and addiction. It is also committed to peacebuilding and reconciliation in the region. St. Martin CSA employs about 90 people and works with more than 800 volunteers.
L'Arche Kenya, on the other hand, focuses on mentally handicapped people and runs two residential homes with integrated workshops.

What is a networking group?

The network group supports the specialist with personal support. Furthermore, it should help to make the work of COMUNDO better known in Switzerland and is also a means for fundraising.

If you want to join my network group, please register here. Specifically, you will then receive a newsletter from me three times a year and twice the Horizonte Plus publication from Comundo. Joining the group is not binding and you will not receive any other mail.