Ndovu! Ndovu!


The waterfall has dug a steep valley here, with wooded slopes that merge into a forest reserve on one side. It was explained to me that sometimes you could see elephants or baboons in this area. And promptly we came across elephant dung and later in a small marshy patch next to the river on elephant tracks. The bushes at the edge of the river became denser and we looked for a path in a single line. Suddenly the line stopped. "Ndovu, ndovu (elephant, elephant)!" called the front and people pushed back past me. So we all did a U-turn and scrambled up the slope again. And really, after 10min of hasty climbing, we caught a glimpse of two or three elephants about to cross the river - as well as some of our comrades who tried to stalk them to get a good picture. The animals noticed this and trumpeted, Quickly, the endeavour was abandoned. The photo was already in the box.

We then climbed the highest hill next to the river to enjoy the panorama.