Shopping Spree


The idea behind it is that the people who go shopping in the supermarket do not just buy their kilo of flour or their pack of toilet paper, but a second kilo or a second pack. They then donate the second article to L'Arche Kenya as they exit the market. To give the shoppers some ideas on what is needed, small shopping lists are distributed in front of the entrance. In addition, there is a stand in front of the market, which informs about the work of L'Arche Kenya, sells some T-Shirts and encourages people to take part in the campaign. For the supermarket, this translates into higher sales and a contribution to their social corporate responsibility. And L'Arche gets some publicity and discharge of the budget for everyday necessities. At the end of the day, we fill a car with goods worth about 30000 KSH - half of the space is taken up by toilet paper.