Blocked roads and yoghurt

yogurtThe corona crisis also hit the economy hard in Kenya. Above all, all the people who go out every day to earn some money with a small fruit stand on the roadside or as day labourers in tourism or in agriculture. Tourists no longer come into the country and the travel restrictions rob customers of the roadside stalls. Many families run out of money and face hunger. St. Martin CSA and L'Arche Kenya have therefore started to distribute food to the families they know are under pressure. I join a tour and we head for five families. If we get through. Since the last visit, the provincial government has started to renovate the access road. The material was unloaded a few days ago - right on the street. We have to turn around, the other access is also blocked by pebbles, so we leave the car and shoulder the sacks of corn, beans, rice and more. To strengthen ourselves again, we stop at the agricultural research station and buy 5l of yoghurt.