Home office in the African winter

faserpelzThe rain usually comes in heavy showers with lightning and thunder and can sometimes last an hour or two. In between, the sun shows up briefly before the next deep black cloud rolls in. Less often it can drizzle for an afternoon. When the sun shines longer it is burning hot; the Kenyans say if it feels like this, the next pour will inevitably follow.

As a result, the air humidity is permanently high and everything becomes clammy. House and office are not heated and the non-existent insulation coupled with doors and windows, which do not close tightly, makes the weather inside feel like the one outside - except the water, of course. My open fireplace in the living room only helps in the evening, and only when I am sitting in the armchair directly in front of it. Therefore, a flease jacket is the best wardrobe for sitting in front of the computer.