Main prize: Motorcycle

motorbikeAll prizes are sponsored, either through the stores themselves or through contributions from the committee. This committee was convened a few months ago and organizes the whole campaign. It is made up of various personalities from Nyahururu: business people, government employees, housewives, pastors etc. It is an action by the community for the community. And it goes without saying that the committee also supports the campaign financially. The motorcycle costs 119,000 Kenyan Shillings. The dealer gives it to us for his purchase price (95,000) and puts another 10,000 on top. With various contributions from the committee, 37,000 have still to be financed at the moment. As the raffle tickets are already being sold, the motorcycle is ceremoniously received, blessed and strapped onto a pickup truck, where it follows the ticket sellers through the town.

A motorcycle is a "hot prize". It allows the winner to work as a motorcycle courier (for people and goods), which feeds a family well.