Newsletter 3, May 2020

A Week In Nyahurur

Dear friends
The following newsletter describes some typical activities that I do in Nyahururu - packed into a fictional week. Of course, not every week is so crowded, but the individual events have all taken place as described.

Cooking lesson

kochlektion sWord has gotten around that I like to cook. And of course, my colleagues want to know what I'm cooking.As demonstrating is better than explaining I invited to a cooking lesson.

Learning Adventures

learning adventureWith some colleagues, we are planning - outside the organization - a series of extracurricular learning adventures for kindergarten and primary school children. At the first event, we explained the idea to the parents and did one or two activities together.

Learning Jass

jass sRecently I went out with some colleagues. The vine was mediocre but it was enough for an introductory lesson in Jass, the favourite card game of the Swiss.

What can I buy here?

cleanshelfIt is not always easy for Stargardtiens to recognize what a market woman or a shop offers. And the name of the shop doesn't sometimes help either.


Newsletter 2, November 2019

And who is hugging me?

L’Arche Kenya is the second organisation I am working for, so this time I will tell a little what they are doing. In a nutshell, l’Arche Kenya follows three steps: relation, transformation and sign. By establishing meaningful and fully-fledged relations between people with and without intellectual disabilities, both transform each other in the way of living their lives. This serves as a sign to the society that each person has something to contribute regardless of her/his condition or abilities. This newsletter tells the story of one of these transformations. 

Dinner preparations

messerOne year has passed and St. Martin CSA celebrates its name day - and its 20th anniversary. As always, all employees are involved in the preparations. I am assigned to the team that prepares the fundraising dinner of the evening. And we sharpen the knives.

Art in Kenya

art 1Something I start to miss is art. There are arts and crafts in Nyahruru, but I have not yet found my favourite, abstract and constructive art. An opportunity in Nairobi presented itself to fill this gap.

Stargardt in Africa

kenyaAnd how does my visual handicap cope with Africa? You can find more on this topic at


pre weddingLast Sunday I was invited to a pre-wedding-party. And no, that is not a bachelor party.