Wrong direction

strandRecently I was loaned out by another organisation, which earned me a stay on the coast. The workshop was good, the weekend afterwards with friends even better. We did a bit of sightseeing and then relaxed on the beach. The deck chairs were comfortable and the small restaurant further up supplied us with snacks and drinks. The sun was starting to set and the local fishermen were returning home to unload their catch. A holiday-ready scene, except - something bothered me. Somehow I had the feeling that I was standing the wrond way. Like when you're walking in a city and you're convinced that at the next corner you have to turn right to reach your destination, only to find out that left is the right direction. As the shadows slowly lengthened, I figured it out: The shadows were pointing in the wrong direction because the sun is setting behind me! This is completely normal for the African Indic coast. But I have never been to the east coast of a continent before. In my head, the sun sets over the sea and not over the land.