Thoughts on waste disposal

abfall With a bad conscience, I tip two buckets of trash into the designated hole in the garden and light the fire. Then I notice that the vegetable garden is full of plastic bags. First, I think, whether someone has thrown his trash over the high wooden fence again (which has happened before). But then I see that there is more lying around, that looks quite old too. I realize that former residents have buried their rubbish behind the house instead of burning it. The recent replacement of the water pipe has brought it back to light. So I eliminate this old pollution and throw everything on the fire - and thus create new pollution. In Kenya, plastic bags have recently been banned, especially the thin, translucent ones. Certainly a good step. In Switzerland, we pack everything in a rubbish bag, pay something so that it's being picked up, and then forget about it. The combustion process may be more controlled, but with the ashes, we do not know where to go too. Less plastic in the packaging would certainly be a good first step.