Raclette Supper


The most important first: cheese. Kenya produces its own cheese, mostly soft cheese and usually relatively expensive. Hard cheese I found so far only imported one in Nyahururu. I prefer to avoid the cheddar, I do not really trust the "Vegan Swiss Cheese", but the slightly stored Gauda from Holland is quite acceptable. Although still a bit expensive. But now and then I get it as a treat to myself. As compensation, I produce my own soft cheese.

Then the Raclette-stove: Originally, I wanted to bring the candlelit version, but then had to leave it for reasons of luggage space. All the more was my surprise when I discovered the same model in the largest Kenyan online shopping portal. I wonder, who buys that (except a few Swiss ex-pats) and who actually knows what it's used for.
And finally the candles: These rechaud type ones were nowhere to be found. Instead, I cut the smallest ones I could fin using the kitchen knife to the right size.
The result was very good - despite the somewhat weird melting behaviour of the Gauda and the wax pool on the table. The only thing that war really missing were the little pickled onions ......