Where is the culture shock?

nalisandmeIt went so far that I informed myself online about the symptoms: I did not find any of the listed points applying to me. Homesickness, eating disorders, anxiety and mistrust of the foreign cultures, etc. I think the extent of a culture shock depends very much on how one is introduced to the foreign culture and how willing one is to engage in something new. In my opinion, it does not make any sense to get upset about things that do not work the way you would like them to or do not exist at all. I see this as an opportunity to get to know different ways of working or completely new things. Things that are missing make room for new things.
Recently I noticed something that I take for a sign that I left the culture shock behind me resp. skipped it completely: My colleagues start to confuse me with my closest colleague Nalistone, also a communication expert. Since we really do not resemble each other, the confusion has to happen on a different level.