I was counted

censusIt began with a text message from the Kenyan Government: The 2019 census will begin on August 22, at 9 pm, and will last until the end of the month. People are asked to stay home in the evening until the counters pass by.

And indeed, three days later, they arrived at our house: a community elder, two policemen, one supervisor and a counter. Only the counter, the daughter of a colleague who got a good holiday job. She asked the usual questions one would expect in a census and noted down everything in a tablet. Then came two special topics. First, about the use of the Internet and what devices for that are present in the household. And secondly, what the household produces on agricultural products - for its own consumption or for sale. We then found out that our kitchen garden with chard, spring onions, sukuma wiki, rosemary and freshly sown spinach is too small to be registered. We would have had to grow potatoes or corn for that.
The counting was completed after 30 minutes and the community elder confirmed this by chalking a number over the door. Then the group disappeared into the darkness, on the way to the next house.