pre weddingWeddings are not organized by the bride and groom but by a committee of friends, neighbours and acquaintances. This committee also collects the funds necessary for the celebration. And among other things, a pre-wedding party is organized.

As an entry fee, I first have to buy a handkerchief. The amount goes to the wedding. Then I can buy a cup of tea and a piece of pastry, also in favour of the wedding fund. Later there is a raffle ticket sale and various household items are auctioned off. This is how it works: Two or more people register their interest, for example, on an umbrella and make a bid. The audience is then asked to add their own amounts to the person' which they prefer to win the umbrella. The bidder, whose supporters get the most money together, can then buy the umbrella - together with all the supporters and for the final amount, obviously. This goes on all afternoon.
Later I learn that the bridal couple is already married according to traditional law. This is recognized by the state, but not by the church. So they still have to marry ecclesiastically. But the church presupposes that they have traditionally married before they marry in the church ...