How do I sell a braded bread in Nyahururu?

marleen bakery1For my part, I helped with the preparation of mandasi, samosas, and the usual "box bread". They wondered about the amounts of butter and yeast I use - and that you can cook apples. I was amazed at the amount of sugar and cooking fat that goes into normal bread - and the frequent use of the deep fryer. All in all, my contributions were well received. They especially liked the butter plait. However, we then found that it was a little difficult to sell in Nyahruru. The price of the ingredients plus the necessary work results in a retail price that is considerably more expensive than packaged bread from the supermarket. Even if we sell it in slices - which is difficult because the shape of the braid leads to slices of different sizes - the final price is still at the higher end. There are two reasons for this: On the one hand, the Marleen Bakery and its customers are geared towards small snacks. Whole loaves of bread are rarely in demand. On the other hand, butter is by far the most expensive baking ingredient here: For the price of 500g of butter, you can get two full meals in the garden restaurant. Solution: margarine. I'll experiment next weekend.